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Texas CapitolJanuary 1, 2002 is a day that changed the Texas electricity environment completely. This was the day that Texas approved Senate Bill 7 which expanded an industry and gave most Texans the power to choose their own electricity provider and electricity rates. At the time, this was on the cutting edge as Texas was the first state to try such a bold move. The legislation gave 85% of all of the single family homes and apartment units the power to choose their own electricity provider. As for the other 15% of Texas households, they must still receive electricity which is regulated by the state with no choice.

Yet there are many consumers who have a choice, and have never switched from their original providers, Reliant or TXU. Within the industry these customers would be labeled as “inert” or “asleep”. This terminology is born in the idea that these customers are willing to stay regardless of the rate. These consumers, in most cases are costing themselves hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each year in Texas electricity expenses.

Confusing Choices

Power To Choose CorrectlyWith electricity providers offering Texas consumers more than 2000 electric plans it may be hard to imagine anyone staying on the fence and not taking advantage of electricity choice. But for many residents it is just overwhelming. Even those who visit the state-sponsored powertochoose.org find it just too much to digest. The offers are entered by the electricity providers them selves with little to no scrutiny. As one Texas resident recently stated on the Texas PUC website,

I am beginning to think that “Power to Choose” is an oxymoron. We have little power and end up settling just to end
the frustration of having to choose…No one should have to page through 321 lists of “providers” and their multiple choices to figure out how they are going to have alight on to get to the bathroom at night.”

How To Shop, Choose And Save On Energy Expenses

Electricity Savings Piggy BankHelp has arrived. Texas residents can now embrace their power to choose with confidence. ShopChooseSave.com takes what would normally take hours and reduces it to just minutes. We carefully choose and screen each of the Texas electricity providers we display and only display the best. Literally everyday we are scouring the web to bring you the the lowest rates, which makes it easy to compare electricity options. And lastly,  our service to you is always free.

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