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It’s Summer And My Electricity Bill Sucks!

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Summer is finally here. It’s the time of the year for vacations, road trips, theme parks and extra time with the family. There are few things that can damper the excitement of long road trips or thrilling roller coasters like

My Credit Needs Help And I Can’t Pay A $400 Electricity Deposit

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Whether you have personally experienced it or not, you probably know someone who has been laid off or had their overtime pay cut or been hit with a financial setback. With good credit you are literally on top of the world,

Top 5 Reasons People Don’t Like Shopping For Electricity!

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It’s hard to believe it just a few weeks before the official start of the Fall/Autumn season. If you are like most Texans it is a welcomed reprieve from the battering Summer months electricity bills. With the average Texas resident paying a whopping 11.10 cents per kWh, it’s easy to understand why many Texas families look forward to the off-peak Fall months.

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