Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Electricity Choice

We know thinking about electricity choice can be a pain, here we try to make it a much more enjoyable experience, maybe even fun.

Below are our most frequently asked electricity choice questions.


How much does it cost to use

Absolutely nothing. Our service is free to you the consumer.

Are the rates different than if I go to the electricity provider directly?

No not at all. The rates you see are direct rates from the electricity company. In fact, once you have made your electricity choice from our products page you will conveniently be transported to the electricity provider’s website to complete your enrollment.

How does ShopChooseSave determine which electricity providers are showcased on the website?

With over 50 electric providers in Texas, we believe that is just too many to have to choose from. So we have come up with a formula that takes 4 key ingredient’s into account.

  • Product offering – The electricity provider’s products must be easy to understand and must bring value to you the consumer. The products cannot be misleading or show any hints of false advertisement
  • Public Utility Commission Service Rating – The electricity provider must maintain an acceptable customer satisfaction rating. Those who fall below our acceptable threshold either do not appear on the site or are removed.
  • Company Stability – In our many years in the deregulated electricity industry we have seen companies like Riverway Power go bankrupt and it literally send customers into a tailspin. While nowadays companies will usually find another company to buy their customer portfolio, the entire scenario can be frustrating for innocent consumers. To reduce the possible risk, we interview and collect data on each electricity provider’s stability. While we can’t guarantee an electricity company we showcase will always be stable, we do our best to try and only showcase those with strong financial foundations.

As long as the providers are strong in these areas we feel good about showcasing them here for you.

Does the website offer rates all over the United States?

Not yet, but we are working on it. Today we only offer electricity rates in the deregulated portions of Texas.

Is there a cost to switch electricity providers?

Technically there is no charge to switch electricity providers but you want to keep a few things in mind.
Under the provisions set by the Public Utility Commission (Texas) , customers can switch retail electric companies without being accessed an early termination fee as long as they are switching providers no earlier than 14 days before the expiration of their current contract. This applies to most fixed rate contracts.The vast majority of variable, or month to month plans, don’t have early termination fees attached so in most cases, you are free to switch at anytime without penalty.

However this all assumes you are not particular about the date you will be switched. Under normal circumstances, your switch should happen automatically within seven days of selecting your new electric provider and initiating the change. There is no charge for a standard switch. However, if you have a need for a switch to happen on a particular date, you should consider a self-selected switch. Self selected switches provide control over the date your switch happens but may include fees depending on your area. You definitely want to check to see what the fees for a self selected switch are in your service area are to avoid any surprises on your electricity bill.



How much will I save on my monthly electric bill by using ShopChooseSave?

It really depends on your current rate, but we have been able to save customers between 20%-40% on their annual electricity expenses. There is an easy way to find out in just 3 easy steps. First you must calculate your true electricity cost. To do this follow these steps below.

  1. Grab your current electricity bill and your mobile phone or a calculator.
  2. Find your current rate on your electricity bill. (For example .0822)
  3. Now multiply your current rate by your monthly usage, which is shown in kWh. (For example (1000 kWh)
  4. Now take that number and add in the monthly customer charge if you have one. (For example $4.99)
  5. Finally take that number and divide it back into your current rate.
  6. Now enter your zip code here
  7. Find a rate you like. And follow the same steps as above. Note: To see if the product has a monthly customer chargeElectricity Offer Details
  8. If the true rate you chose is lower than your current rate you have a winner!!
How do I know if the rate I see is fixed or variable?

Each of the products we display will either have a locked icon (fixed rate) or an unlocked icon (variable rate)Electricity Offer



I am moving and the electricity is currently off. If I enroll with a new provider today, how quickly will the electricity be turned on?

Depending on your areas TDSP (Centerpoint, Oncor, AEP, Texas New Mexico) your electricity can be turned on today. If you are in a time crunch, it is best to call the phone number on the electricity offer you are choosing to speak to an agent who can assist over the phone.Electricity Offer Phone

I am moving and the electricity in my new apartment are already on. How long do I have before it is disconnected?

This is one of our most popular questions. So it is best that we give a thorough explanation. The short answer is, it depends on the apartment community. In most cases, the apartment community will give you 3-5 days to find a electricity provider. But some apartments require proof of electricity plan enrollment at least 24 hours prior to you moving in. So it is always best to check with your leasing consultant.