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What is deregulation?

More than ten years ago, Texas lawmakers opened the electricity market to competition. The traditional rules around who could sell power and how much they charged were changed. Now instead of being forced to use one state mandated provider, you could now choose from many.  While Texas was one of the first states to do so, many other states have now implemented similar free market electricity rules.

Why is deregulation necessary?

Deregulation gives consumers the power to choose their provider, product, term and rate. With more than 50 providers in Texas all vying for your business, you now can choose the provider and plan specific to your needs. 

What does it mean for you?

The local transmission and distribution company, Centerpoint, Oncor, Texas New Mexico and AEP still handles your wires, meter reads and outages, but the provider of your choice will provide your bill each month. You will also have lots of electricity companies wanting your business. And with competition comes lower rates, innovative products and better service.

You Have The Power To Choose!

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