Energy Genious

This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about ShopChooseSave.com, or if you need support, please give us email us at askus@shopchoosesave.com.
What is ShopChooseSave?
Shopchoosesave is an easy way to quickly shop for your home or business in Texas. Because we are not an electricity company, we don’t have to showcase products or rates from one brand, we can showcase a vast selection of products from many electricity suppliers.  We're building Shopchoosesave to allow you to find the electricity plan that keeps more of your hard earned money in your pocket to allow you to spend more enjoying your life. We imagine a world where families enjoy looking at their electricity bills.
How much does it cost to use the site?
$0.00 - available for free. And the rates you see are the same rates you will find going to the electricity suppliers directly. In some case, you can see even cheaper rates by using our site.
How do I know I will save money by switching?
Savings on your electricity bill is dependent on your ensuring you know both your true electricity rate including all monthly charges and the new rate you are considering switching to with all fees and monthly if applicable. We provide all of the necessary information on the site to try and ensure your savings success.
Is there a fee to switch to another provider?
Not at all. The providers we showcase on the site have been scrutinized and have no fees to switch to them. The only exception is some prepaid electricity providers do have what is called an account initiation or account setup fee but this is also disclosed in the Energy Facts Label or EFL.
What do I do if I cannot decide and have questions?
Shopping for electricity can be VERY confusing. With so many providers marketing their products in different ways we understand it can be frustrating. No worries help is here. ShopChooseSave is made up of industry veterans with years of experience and are here for you. You can call us, chat with us or email us and we will promptly guide you where you want to go.
Why don’t you have every electricity provider available on the website?
Here at ShopChooseSave, the providers we showcase all meet our rigorous approval process. We are not the Power To Choose showcasing every provider regardless of their past or current transgressions with consumers just like you. We don’t allow “bait and switch’ products or deceptive marketing practices on the website. If we can’t easily understand the product, it will never be showcased on the website. Your trust and approval is our #1 priority.
Can I complete the electricity enrollment over the phone?
Absolutely. Just find the product you want to enroll on and give us a call. We will handle the rest.