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Why Should You Join The Newsome Energy/ Team?


Are you ready for a satisfying career with a rising company in the energy industry? The Newsome Energy family of companies can provide you with the advancement opportunities you deserve in Houstonís growing economy.


Houston is the center of Americaís energy industry. In June of 2009 ranked Houston as the number-one city to get ahead in and in July of 2008 Kiplingerís Personal Finance named it as the best city to live, work and play. The positive economic client coupled with the strong energy market puts Newsome Energy LLC at an advantage and offers its employees the opportunity for unprecedented growth.


Newsome Energy LLC is one of Houstonís fastest-growing energy businesses. Whether it is our business services division, Newsome Energy Advisors or our residential sales division,, our company currently has opportunities in:


Customer Service
Partnership Development


If you are interested in a rewarding career that offers significant growth potential with a well-positioned company, contact us today at: