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Our Story

After years in the electricity industry, listening to customers complain about their electricity bills, hidden fees, constant changing rates and general discontent, an idea was born. An idea that would empower consumers to a level never seen before. was born. It began as an idea based around providing change to the industry. We were four former electricity industry leadership veterans who wanted to give back to the consumers who had given us all so much during our long careers. We wanted to give back the most valuable asset of all,  industry knowledge to save money for a life time. We weren't interested in just passing along general information on how the electricity industry worked or what's in your electricity bill,  but specifically how you as a consumer can save both time and money. With our years of experience in providing electricity for millions of Texas electricity customers, we knew that a huge myth existed. This myth would shake the industry to it's core. The opinion that deregulation of electricity has been great for all Texas apartment leasers and single family owners is a myth. In fact, over the years, we had heard many Texans say the felt the power to choose was a joke and just another way to make investor owned institutions and privately owned retail electricity companies big profit. The truth is, as with any retail scenario, the informed buyer will always get the full advantage, find great deals and save money. But the truth is, with our busy lives most people don't have time to make numerous calls, create price comparison spreadsheets and browse numerous electric company websites. If we could bring trusted electricity providers together on one website with all of the needed information that would allow consumers to make good electricity buying decisions that would bring change. The ShopChooseSave movement began. And with it the commitment to always present great opportunities for Texas consumers to spend less on electricity and more on what's important...enjoying life.  Save On!! #clickclicksave